18 Printables for 2018: Monthly Bill Pay Checklist

18 Printables for 2018: Monthly Bill Pay Checklist | Ordered and Organized

For the closing days of 2017, I’m posting 18 printables to help you get your home, finances, and life organized in 2018.  So far, I’ve posted a no spend calendar and a net worth spreadsheet to help you in your quest to organize your financial life.

Today’s printable is a monthly bill pay checklist, another printable perfect for those of you who are trying to get your financial lives in order for 2018.

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18 Printables For 2018: No Spend Calendar

18 Printables for 2018: No Spend Calendar | Ordered and Organized

Over the next 18 days, I’ll be posting 18 printables to help you gain control of your home and life in 2018.

Today, buoyed by thoughts of how much money I’ve spent this year on Christmas, I’m posting a no-spend calendar for January.  If you’re trying to save money–whether for savings purposes or for paying off debt–you can use this calendar to mark off the days you are successful at spending no money.  You can list exceptions like food, medical care, etc. at the bottom of the calendar.  I’ve also included a space for you to keep track of your electric and gas usage.  (I check my meters daily when I’m trying to save money.)

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How to Organize Cookware and Bakeware

Disclosure:  This post includes affiliate links to items I have tried, love, and recommend.  (I would never recommend anything I hadn’t tried and didn’t love.)  If you click one these links and make a purchase, I will get a small commission, but you won’t pay a penny more. Thanks so much for supporting this blog!

Organizing one’s cookware and bakeware is one of the most difficult tasks in the kitchen, primarily because so many of the items are large or awkwardly sized or shaped.  But keeping them organized and easy to get to is–at least for me–a way to decrease my time in the kitchen.  So today, I challenge you to organize all those pots and pans and baking sheets.

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