Tips on Cleaning Bathrooms

Tips for Cleaning Bathrooms | Ordered and Organized

Cleaning the bathroom is a dreaded task for many, but it need not take large amounts of time if certain tasks are done regularly.  Here’s a breakdown of my bathroom cleaning routines (or cleaning rotations, as I like to call them).

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Tips for Tackling Laundry

Tips for Tackling Laundry | Ordered and Organized

I’m sure you’d rather be doing a lot of other things beside laundry this weekend.  But while you have some “spare” time, catching up on piles of laundry may be a great idea to save you time next week.

The goal is to get to the point that you are able to do one load of laundry every day on week days and to take the weekends off–or, if you prefer, to have as few loads of laundry to do on a weekend.

How to go about tackling the laundry?  Here are some tips.

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How To Avoid Frustration with a Password Log

A few years back, a friend’s family member died, leaving behind quite a mess for his family to deal with–mostly because he had gone paperless and had failed to leave a password list or log.  His probate case was tedious and expensive because of his lack of attention to this detail.

The benefit of a password log is two-fold.  First, you should have a password log for your loved ones just in case you were to become incapacitated or die.  Second, if you’re like me, you occasionally forget your password to a certain site or service and need a reminder without the rigamarole of resetting a password–or the inconvenience of getting locked out of an account.

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How To Save Money and Time with a Menu Plan and Shopping List

How To Save Time and Money with a Menu Plan and Shopping List | Ordered and Organized

My aunt used to go to the grocery store every day for the food she needed to make dinner that evening.  I cannot imagine.  I hate going to the grocery store once a week!  In fact, I try to avoid going that often when I can.  But there are people who do drop by the grocery store at least 2-3 times per week, even if 1-2 of those visits are to pick up only an item or two such as milk or bread.

Whether you visit the grocery store daily or just once per week, to save time and gas on needless visits, you should create a weekly menu plan.  (And then you probably won’t need to go daily.)

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