18 Printables for 2018: Post-it Day Planner

18 Printables for 2018: Post-it Note Day Planner | Ordered and Organized

A few years ago, having far too many packs of 3M Post-it notes for the office I had closed, I decided to use them to keep track of the tasks I needed to do each day.  I had previously used a new sheet of paper each day to keep of my various lists, and I decided that using a smaller Post-it or two each day seemed a little less harmful to the earth.

I found I needed several separate Post-its each week:  one for a checklist of tasks I handled routinely each day, one for the day’s special tasks (such as special phone calls to make), one for tasks that needed to be completed for work, one to keep track of the tasks my husband was supposed to handle that I could not, and one for tasks that needed to be handled that week.  I initially had these all sticking to a sheet of paper, but eventually decided to create a permanent day planner sheet for them, a sheet that I ultimately laminated.  I have found this method as helpful as any other for keeping me on track during the day.  I’ve stuck to this method for several years now.  In fact, I frequently change the Post-it notes out just once a week now.

If you need a list to remind you of what tasks need to be handled each day, week, etc., I recommend a Post-it planner.  If you watch sales–especially during back-to-school time–they aren’t expensive, and at least for me, they last forever.  I bought two large packages in 2010, and I’m about halfway through the first package.  (These Post-it notes have ultimately been less expensive than a ream of paper!)

You can download my Post-it planner here on the blog, but you do have to be a subscriber.  Click here to subscribe and then use the password you will receive by e-mail to access the file at the freebies vault.

Your Thoughts?

I’ve thought about including a Post-it note section for the day’s expenditures.  Do you have any other sections in mind?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

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