18 Printables for 2018: Monthly Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

18 Organization Resources for 2018: Monthly Calendar Desktop Wallpaper | Ordered and Organized

Today’s freebie isn’t a printable.  Sorry.  But I think the file is useful, and I hope you’ll agree.

Have you ever tried to pull up a monthly calendar in the task bar of your computer only to lose it as soon as you returned to another window?  I hate that.  I consider the fact that you can’t keep the calendar open a major flaw in the Windows operating system.  (Give me a pushpin, people!)

But I found a way around the problem.  I added a monthly calendar as my desktop wallpaper.  And I’m sharing the file at no cost here on the blog.

As with all my resources, the file is available only to my newsletter subscribers.  (Hello to all my new newsletter subscribers, by the way!  I’m so glad you’re here!)   Click here to subscribe and then use the password sent to you via e-mail to download the files at the freebies vault here.

This file is a monthly calendar, so you’ll have to come back here each month this coming year to download an updated wallpaper.

By the way, to set the file as your computer’s wallpaper, go to your downloads folder.  Then right-click on the file and click “Set as desktop background.”

What About a Yearly Calendar?

If I created a year-at-a-glance computer wallpaper calendar, would you download it?  Because I could do that.  But you’ll have to let me know in the comments!

Bridget | Ordered and Organized

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