18 Printables for 2018: Recipe Page

I’ve posted a host of financial and calendar printables as part of the 18 Printables for 2018 feature running here on the blog.  Today, I’m posting some printables to help you in the kitchen, starting with a fillable, editable, and savable recipe page.

If you need your recipes written down in order to remember just how many tablespoons of this and teaspoons of that to include, you’re not alone.  I have all of my tried-and-true recipes written out.  I’ve tried to store them electronically and even put them on Dropbox so that I can view them easily on my iPad, but I always go back to printed copies, which I store in page protectors in a three-ring binder.

So for those of you like me, I offer you an easy peasy recipe page printable.  You’ll need to be a newsletter subscriber to access it, though.  Click here to subscribe, and then click here to use the password sent to you via e-mail to access the file at the freebies vault.

One more thing: If you’d rather keep your recipes on a device, you can always store your completed PDF recipe pages on Dropbox. Then you can put your device in a plastic bag and view your recipe on your device in the kitchen without worrying so much about your device getting covered in flour or vanilla. See?

18 Printables for 2018: Recipe Page | Ordered and Organized

Please let me know if you encounter any problems with this recipe page printable, even if you just ran out of room to type ingredients or directions.  I’d like to continue to improve this file, but I need user input to do so.

How Do You Store Your Recipes?

Do you print your recipes?  Or do you store them in an app or electronically?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

Bridget | Ordered and Organized

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