Friday Find: Best Choice Products Ladder/Folding Stool with Platform

When I went home for the holidays in December, my mom showed me the Werner foldable step stool she received for Christmas from my father the previous year.  While she uses it primarily to change literal light bulbs, figurative light bulbs went off in my head when I saw it.  If I were to get one, I could finally install crown moulding or clean the tops of my kitchen cabinets without standing on a chair!

After Christmas, my husband and I put our house on the market to relocate to an area closer to his new job a few hours away.  Because I needed to pull down and pack the milk glass atop my kitchen cabinets and the items on the top shelves of our various closets while my (tall) husband was at work, I decided to purchase a step stool similar to my mom’s.  Ultimately, what I bought was the Best Choice Products 3-step space-saving ladder and foldable stepstool with a platform tray from AmazonI don’t think I could be happier with it.  It allows me to climb more safely and have a platform to place paint or other items on–it will even hold a Mountain Dew can!  I’ve used it to pack items that were atop shelving, but I also used it outside to repaint my daughter’s swing set during the warmer weather we had one day this week.  I’ve even allowed my daughter to stand on it while she’s helped with dinner–with my constant supervision of course.  It is sturdy, it will hold up to 330 pounds, and the steps are long and wide and textured for traction.  I feel safe using it even when my husband isn’t home.

Friday Find:  Best Choice Products Ladder-Folding Stool with Platform | Ordered and Organized

It is light enough for me to carry.  And it folds easily for storage.

Friday Find: Best Choice Products Ladder-Folding Stool with Platform | Ordered and Organized

Although the shipping was delayed (we had a major snowstorm here during the first week of January), it was worth the wait.  It was only about $40, so the price is definitely right.

The ultimate verdict:  Would I buy it again?  YES!  I’ve given it five stars at Amazon.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product from Amazon, click here.  (This link is an affiliate link, and if you purchase through it, I’ll receive a commission to help with the costs of this site at no additional cost to you.  Thanks for your support of this blog.)

Bridget | Ordered and Organized

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