Friday Find: LandHope Push Broom

Friday Find: Landhope Push Broom | Ordered and Organized

I’ve been noticeably absent for a while, but I had a good reason:  I moved!  My husband and I sold our 56-year-old ranch house and moved into a nearly brand new home closer to his new job.  The four-month-long ordeal is a story that will give me blog (and ebook) fodder for ages to come.

But I digress.

The contract to sell our previous home required us to leave the house “broom clean.”  According to our realtor, what this vague phrase means is up to interpretation, but at the least, we had to sweep the house after we removed all of our belongings.  And boy, did the house need it!  I thought the floors were relatively clean, but after the beds, couch, and other large pieces of furniture were removed, I found dust bunnies of lint and hair underneath, gathering with other dust bunny friends near the walls.  I was highly dismayed.  I was even more disappointed when I realized the state of my broom after I swept our garage floor three or four times.

At any rate, when we moved into our new home with its gleaming hardwood floors, I became convinced that our household needed a new broom, one that would allow me to better reach those dust bunnies.  My husband researched brooms on Amazon for 45 minutes before finding one we could agree on:  the LandHope push broom.

Friday Find:  Landhope Push Broom | Ordered and Organized

What I like about this broom:

  • It has a telescoping handle and can be short enough for both my preschooler and my 6’4″ husband to use.  That handle also makes this broom easy to store.
  • It reaches easily under furniture.
  • The bristles are rubber, safe for my hardwood floors, and can be vacuumed or washed clean.
  • Using this broom seems to be easier and smoother than sweeping with my old broom.  I’ve used it as both a push broom and as a “pull broom.”
  • The bristles can be used on carpet to remove hair–human and pet.  I don’t have any pets, but my daughter and I lose a lot of hair, and this broom picks all of it up.

The broom can also be used as a squeegee, but I haven’t tried that feature yet.

The broom isn’t perfect.  To begin with, it costs way more than I initially wanted to spend on a broom.  It doesn’t sweep corners easily.  The telescoping handle sometimes doesn’t stick as well as I’d like it to, although that’s primarily when I’m working hard to scrub hair out of my carpet.  And if country of manufacture is important to you, this broom clearly wasn’t made in the United States.  (You can tell from the Amazon page and from the instructions that were enclosed.)

Friday Find:  Landhope Push Broom | Ordered and Organized

Finally, I wish the broom came in a color other than grey and green (just grey would have worked fine).  But overall, this broom is a superior product, and its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.

 A previous reviewer of this product called it the “most exciting broom you’ll ever use.”  I totally agree.  I sweep every day now, and I’ll guarantee you I didn’t before.

The ultimate verdict:  Would I buy it again?  Definitely!  I’m giving it five stars on Amazon.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product from Amazon, click here.  (This link is an affiliate link, and if you purchase through it, I’ll receive a commission to help with the costs of this site at no additional cost to you.  Thanks for your support of this blog.)

And if you want to discover more of my Friday Finds, click here.  (As an example, a few weeks ago, I posted about the stepladder/stool that made fixing up our old home and moving things into our new home’s high shelves significantly easier!)

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