One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Ordered and Organized | One Size Doesn't Fit All

Breadmaker. Garlic press. Carabiner. Padlocks.

These are things frequently on those “100 items you can throw away today” lists you find on Pinterest. Yet I use all those items named above. Regularly. I promise. I really do.

And I bet there are items on those lists that you use. Like VHS tapes. I tossed mine six or seven years ago, but my parents still watch theirs frequently. And records. I have a friend who collects them and listens to them at least weekly if not daily.

Some of these lists include items that I find I want to keep around even though I don’t use them frequently. Examples:

  • Matches. I have these in our safe room in our emergency box. I also have a fire-starter. You just never know when you might need these. #SHTF
  • Extra cords. Cords fray. And get lost. Frequently. Especially iPhone cords. And Kindle cords, too. So extras stay. Period. They stay in a storage bin or basket, but they stay.

All of this said, I’m going to start creating daily decluttering challenges. If you have the item and you use it, keep it and put it somewhere you’d look for it if you needed it (in other words, a home). If you have the item and you don’t need or use it, get rid of it. I’d suggest donating rather than selling because selling takes more time.

Simple, right? Just do what works for you.

Join me on Instagram or on the blog here tomorrow for the beginning.


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