Decluttering, Day 1

Ordered and Organized | Day-by-Day Decluttering: Decluttering, Day 1

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As I mentioned yesterday on my blog, I am starting a month (or more?) of decluttering challenges today. For day 1, I suggest going around your house and recycling or throwing away garbage. In my household, this means throwing away the candy wrappers that my preschooler piled up on Easter and the random pieces of garbage my husband left on various tables, counters, and other surfaces. For a former client, this step meant recycling the dozens of two-liter soda bottles his late wife had amassed before her death. Regardless of what your story is, walk around your house and see if there is anything that needs to go in the recycling or garbage, and get rid of it if you can. Then make a plan to walk around once daily from here forward and do the same to keep anything from piling up again.

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