I moved again . . .

So I just realized that I forgot to tell all of my visitors here.

I moved!

Yes, I moved to a new house in March, but since then I’ve moved to a self-hosted blog and begun blogging there.

The new address is pretty easy to remember:


I hope you’ll join me over there!  Check out some of the new posts I’ve made since I left WordPress.com:

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How To Avoid Frustration with a Password Log

A few years back, a friend’s family member died, leaving behind quite a mess for his family to deal with–mostly because he had gone paperless and had failed to leave a password list or log.  His probate case was tedious and expensive because of his lack of attention to this detail.

The benefit of a password log is two-fold.  First, you should have a password log for your loved ones just in case you were to become incapacitated or die.  Second, if you’re like me, you occasionally forget your password to a certain site or service and need a reminder without the rigamarole of resetting a password–or the inconvenience of getting locked out of an account.

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