Cleaning Checklist Printable {FREE}

Cleaning Checklist Printable {FREE} | Ordered and Organized

Just four days remain until Thanksgiving here in the United States.  I’m excited!  This holiday is my favorite. Food and family with relatively little hassle?  Count me in!

But I do need to clean my house before the big day arrives, even though I’d rather be cooking and baking and doing turkey crafts with my preschooler.

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Simplifying Your Cleaning Supplies

Disclosure:  This post includes affiliate links to items I have tried, love, and recommend.  (I would never recommend anything I hadn’t tried and didn’t love.)  If you click one these links and make a purchase, I will get a small commission, but you won’t pay a penny more. Thanks so much for supporting this blog!

My husband deployed for the second time in 2010.  To save money and pay off debt, I put most of our belongings in storage and moved in with my mom while he was gone.  In the month before he returned, I secured a new apartment for us and started stocking up on supplies to clean it.  When I packed up my Jeep in mid-December for the long trek home, I had at least an entire box of cleaning supplies to clean our new apartment before moving things in.  I’m not exaggerating.  I had bottles and bottles of Windex, Resolve, Pledge, Pine Sol, oven cleaner, and just about any other kind of cleaner you can think of.

How things have changed!  Today, I strongly believe that less is more.  Read on to see what cleaners I use.

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Tips on Cleaning Surfaces

Tips on Cleaning Surfaces | Ordered and Organized

I’ve already talked about my “cleaning rotations” (my name for my daily cleaning schedule) for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and floors, so now it’s time to talk about how I clean the dining room, bedrooms, and living room all in one day each week.  Read on for details on what I affectionately call surface cleaning day.

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Tips on Cleaning Kitchens

Tips on Cleaning Kitchens | Ordered and Organized

In my household, garbage day is on Friday.  So on Thursdays, I clean the kitchen since I am already in there discarding the grease container in the freezer, any food that has gone bad, and the Brillo pad I use each week to clean glass Pyrex and my stainless steel cookware.  Continue reading for the tasks I recommend for cleaning your kitchen as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Continue reading “Tips on Cleaning Kitchens”