Decluttering Questions: Would I Buy This Again?

Decluttering Questions: Would I buy this again? | Ordered and Organized

Over the years, I’ve found helpful a list of questions to guide my decluttering.  As an example, a lot of people go through their closets and ask themselves questions like

  • Does this item still fit?
  • Have I worn this item in the last year?
  • Will I wear this item again?

The single most influential question for me is this one:  Would I buy this item again?  If I would buy it again, I definitely keep it.  If I wouldn’t, I start looking at whether the item needs to be discarded or even replaced.

This single question works for decluttering clothing, shoes, accessories, kitchen utensils, books, movies, toys, even decor.  I highly recommend it as your go-to question as you are cleaning out just about any room in your home.

What Questions Guide Your Decluttering?

I’m compiling a list of questions for visitors to ask themselves as they declutter, and I’d like to hear the questions you ask yourself as you’re deciding whether to keep or discard items.  In fact, in the next week or so, I’ll be hosting a mini-giveaway as an incentive for you to share your questions.  Follow me on Facebook and on Instagram for more information!

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