Friday Find: Ryobi 18-volt ONE+ EVERCHARGE Hand Vacuum

Friday Find: Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ EVERCHARGE Hand Vacuum | Ordered and OrganizedLast week, I posted about how much easier cleaning is with my new broom. But what about a dust pan? Actually, I accidentally left mine behind when I moved earlier this month. But I’m not upset. Because I hate dust pans! I can never pick up everything with them, and they just seem dirty to me. So today I am posting about what I use to pick up what I sweep: a Ryobi 18-volt ONE+ EVERCHARGE Hand Vacuum.

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Friday Find: LandHope Push Broom

Friday Find: Landhope Push Broom | Ordered and Organized

I’ve been noticeably absent for a while, but I had a good reason:  I moved!  My husband and I sold our 56-year-old ranch house and moved into a nearly brand new home closer to his new job.  The four-month-long ordeal is a story that will give me blog (and ebook) fodder for ages to come.

But I digress.

The contract to sell our previous home required us to leave the house “broom clean.”  According to our realtor, what this vague phrase means is up to interpretation, but at the least, we had to sweep the house after we removed all of our belongings.  And boy, did the house need it!  I thought the floors were relatively clean, but after the beds, couch, and other large pieces of furniture were removed, I found dust bunnies of lint and hair underneath, gathering with other dust bunny friends near the walls.  I was highly dismayed.  I was even more disappointed when I realized the state of my broom after I swept our garage floor three or four times.

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Friday Find: Best Choice Products Ladder/Folding Stool with Platform

Friday Find: Best Choice Products Ladder-Folding Stool with Platform | Ordered and Organized

When I went home for the holidays in December, my mom showed me the Werner foldable step stool she received for Christmas from my father the previous year.  While she uses it primarily to change literal light bulbs, figurative light bulbs went off in my head when I saw it.  If I were to get one, I could finally install crown moulding or clean the tops of my kitchen cabinets without standing on a chair!

After Christmas, my husband and I put our house on the market to relocate to an area closer to his new job a few hours away.  Because I needed to pull down and pack the milk glass atop my kitchen cabinets and the items on the top shelves of our various closets while my (tall) husband was at work, I decided to purchase a step stool similar to my mom’s.  Ultimately, what I bought was the Best Choice Products 3-step space-saving ladder and foldable stepstool with a platform tray from AmazonContinue reading “Friday Find: Best Choice Products Ladder/Folding Stool with Platform”